The Sing for Pleasure Choir has been in existence for a long time, celebrating its 30th Anniversary in 2016.  The group meets as an evening class at South Worcestershire College in Malvern, and provides local people with the opportunity to literally sing for pleasure, in a relaxed and pressure-free atmosphere.
There is no requirement for prior musical knowledge, and beginners are well-supported, while more experienced singers are able to improve their skills and broaden their repertoire.  Some choir members are of many years’ standing and have developed, through the class, into experienced singers under our teacher and conductor since the start, Carol Green. The Autumn term in 2016 sees a new stage in the choir's history under new conductor Catherine Adie.
We sing a wide range of material both sacred and secular, including madrigals, folk songs, spirituals and modern pop, as well as more serious works.   Unlike most choirs in the area, there is no need to audition.  There are many people who would like to join a choir, but are put off by the idea of having to audition in order to be admitted.  The Sing for Pleasure choir is accessible to everyone at their own ability level.
Members are friendly and welcoming, and sessions are sociable and informal. Each session begins with a ‘warm-up’ of vocal exercises to prepare the voice for singing. Carol usually manages to find some interesting tongue-twisters to improve articulation, which challenge both mouth and brain!  Musical notation and expression are explained as they appear within the music, and learning is progressive, building and improving skills.
We perform three concerts a year; our Christmas and Summer concerts take place informally in the college, the third being held in a local church at Easter.  
We are keen to recruit new members in all four sections (soprano, alto, tenor and bass)  and we particularly need tenors and basses. 
Even if you have never sung in a choir before, this is something anyone can do. The only thing you need is your voice!